Sunday, April 06, 2008

How about this future missionary? I think he and his sister are such darling kids. All Filipino kids are darling, as a matter of fact! These are Cacho kids. Cachos are a "pioneer" family in Bohol. The parents joined along with their five sons. These kids are 3rd generation church members.
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Blogger Ethatch said...

Hey Cathy,,,,what cute children! Fun that you can find children anywhere to be 'grandma' to. I just read your newsletter. Very interesting once again. We loved conference also. Enjoy your next couple of months there....I'm sure the emotions are mixed, and that you're anxious to be with and hug all of your family at home too. Bet they're all looking forward to it too. Wonderful that you've spent these 3 years answering the Lord's call!

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