Monday, April 28, 2008

In the middle section of the mission office hangs our mission flag or banner. I love the mission logo, which shows the three islands and our motto "Success Through Obedience". When missionaries arrive they sign their name on the left side of the flag, and when they leave they sign on the right side. I thought when it first arrived that we'd never fill it up, but it's going to be full by the time we leave. It's a treasure! We forgot to get signatures of one of the batches coming in so we took the flag around to interviews to have them sign. A couple of days before the next new batch I asked where the flag was and we all got a little nervous until it was found down in Talisay. Then we all heaved a sigh of relieve.
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Blogger Aunt WeeWee said...

It was fun to find your Blog and see what you life has been like the last few years. I can't believe you will be home in a few short weeks.

Wendy K Wells

11:18 PM


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