Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fourth try on this one! It's not every day you find a vehicle like this in the church parking lot on a Sunday morning! Yes, that is a BIG bunch of bananas. Did you know that a banana tree only produces bananas once in it's life cycle? But the reason they are so plentiful is that a new tree grows up from the roots automatically. Trike drivers usually put a name or a motto on their's cool this one chose "CTR" will easily identify him to members of the church. Likely he brought his entire family to church in this trike. Posted by Picasa

Ok, third try to get this on the blog! After the river ride we had to spend some more time with the "monkeys." This is one of my favorite pictures of them. They are so small they fit perfectly in the palm of my hand. A typical comment is that people would like to keep them for pets. They are nocturnal, so we are really bothering them when we come during the day. Posted by Picasa

This picture is taken from the same mountain where we went to Tops. It's looking away from Cebu, toward the west. Amazing farms, huh? We were getting a light rain so this picture isn't as clear as it might be. Posted by Picasa

This is the lobby of the Marco of our favorite places to eat. They have a fabulous buffet...we always get our money's worth if we have missionaries with us! The meal costs about 750 pesos, or about $15. That's really pricey for the Philippines. Most of the time when we go out to dinner it costs us about $4 each. We're getting spoiled!  Posted by Picasa

Can you believe that an hour or so before this picture it was raining cats & dogs? This is the Loboc River, in Bohol. We had the Fullers with us for the river ride this time...our third time in the last five weeks:) Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Wonder what on earth this is? It's a banana tree. A little off-center is a ring of green bananas. Coming out of the center of it is a "vine" and hanging from that is the flower of the banana. It's called a "banana heart"...appropriate name, don't you think? It took me awhile to figure that out What tipped me off was a salad at the salad bar of the "Why Not?" restaurant in Dumaguete. It's good salad! Posted by Picasa

September 2006 Entries

Here's a Tarsier "monkey". I think their tails looks like rats tails, but the rest of them make up for it. Their fur is very soft. Posted by Picasa