Friday, December 01, 2006

Sister Tukuafu and Sister Galos are with their new converts at Tanjay district conference. They are the newest members of the Amlan Branch. The man with the hat is 98 years old! Never too late:) The lady in the pink is his daugher and she and her husband joined as well. The tall Filipino is the Branch President. Posted by Picasa

This picture is specifically for the people who have lived in Cebu. It shows the addition to the SM shopping mall. The mall is already so huge I used to get lost in it. I told the grocery boy as he was helping me to the car and we're hiking through the mall that on the days I go to the mall I don't have to work out. He thought that was pretty funny.  Posted by Picasa

This dog sniffs every piece of luggage that is about to enter the Shangri-La Hotel. He's still a puppy really, and the man who handles him had fun playing with him. When I was taking the pictures he wasn't aware that I was doing it, and he was so pleased when I showed them to him. He asked if I would send him copies, and I did. I asked him in return to listen to the missionaries! Posted by Picasa

The dog handler was thrilled that I paid attention to his dog. I told him it reminded me of my Grandmother's dog. Posted by Picasa

What a flower arrangement! This is in the lobby of the Shangri-La Hotel where we stay when we attend the mission presidents' seminar in Manila. Posted by Picasa

Mosaics of the battles in the Pacific during World Ward II are at the ends of each of the memorial sections. A more fun way to learn history and from a history book:) Posted by Picasa

The American Cemetery in Manila. At both sides of the tower in the center of the picture are these walls that are covered with names of soldiers whose bodies were never recovered. There are thousands of them. Posted by Picasa

The American Cemetery in Manila. Very sobering to think that the bodies that lie beneath these crosses are the same ages as our missionaries today. So much better to be a soldier for peace! The picture below is of a man in Toledo who came for a special inteview to be baptized. He has one leg that seems to not have bone, and one arm also. So he uses the good leg and the good arm to get around. He puts a flip flop on the good hand to protect it. He was so happy this day, October 10, to get approval for baptism. It's quite a story! Posted by Picasa

This is Elder Romulo in Toledo, with a man who came for a special consideration interview for baptism. He has one arm and one leg that apparently don't have bones; whatever the problem they don't work. He puts a flip flop on his good hand and uses it as a foot. He gets around pretty close to the ground. He was very happy this day as he was cleared to be baptized. He has a very positive attitude about life, despite his handicap. Posted by Picasa